About company

ARDIA FLOORING is a creative workshop for all kinds of flooring. We are young team of like-minded people, competent professionals in the field of construction, engineering and design. We work only with the best proven materials and equipment.

Long-term practice and experience of our specialists allows us to introduce the most daring technical and design solutions using modern technologies for the most demanding client. We always have an individual approach to each client and each design project.

Our experience and high qualifications of our specialists allow us to perform a wide range of works in the field of floor structures, floor coverings and screeds of various types with a large number of materials — from industrial concrete till unique kinds of flooring coatings: resin flooring (epoxy, PU, acrylic), microtopping, terrazzo,  polished and staining concrete.

ARDIA FLOORING have built it’s name and reputation on delivering the highest quality flooring and professional installation service. From modern to traditional. Our floors are beautiful, practical and designed to last. From design and manufacture to installation and finish, we will create the flooring that you dream off.  All you need to have is an idea, leave everything else to our team.

We never compromise on quality or reliability. Crafted with special care, our  floors will transform your house into an unique place for enjoying life at its best.

We continually is looking for ways to improve and grow. Our philosophy is grounded in customer service and a belief in that it is quality that ultimately is the best sales device.