With application thickness of 10-12 mm Polished overlay  is a type of decorative concrete overlay that can transform your ugly flooring with a beautiful result. It covers unsightly floors that may have been damaged over time.

Polished overlay —  it is mixed and poured on site as a regular self-leveling flooring very thin layers or up to with typical application thickness of 10-12 mm,  thick without delamination or failure, unlike standard concrete and cement mixes. When Polished overlay are used, an overlay can add function as well as beauty to concrete. Not only do they make the floor more attractive but they are also extremely cheaper than other concreting option.

With its thin-set character and in situ application, Polished overlay can provide you with numerous design possibilities that would help transform existing concrete floors into spaces of distinction. Polished overlay can be , making it honed, the high gloss, semi-glossy or mirror-shiny.

Polished overlay are great for everyone. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you will find it beneficial for you: (warehouses, retail, malls, private villas, apartments ets.)

Polished overlays, in most cases, are used to cover up problem floors are no specific requirements to the substrate. Any slab, concrete screed or semi-dry screed will fit,

to provide and achieve a seam-free, perfectly smooth surface.

  • durable
  • high glossiness
  • adaptable
  • sturdy
  • High chemical resistance to aggressive liquids

Ideal to update your worn-out flooring in your kitchen, stairs, driveways, patios, swimming pool surrounds, and ramps, or bedrooms? Polished concrete overlay is an economical yet valuable solution to transform your old or out-dated flooring. Best of all, you achieve these designs without needing joints or grout, which can ruin the whole look.

Polished Overlays Samples