Resin bound gravel (stone carpet) flooring will give your home a really unique and stylish natural appearance or give your garden an upgrade or swimming pool decks.

Resin bound system is a hard wearing, anti-skid system used to firmly bond aggregates to a stable substrate. This system creates a coarse, attractive natural stone finish.

This system involves applying our high performance resin directly onto a stable substrate such as asphalt or concrete.

The modern technology involved in resin bound paving calls for careful selection of the best materials, and skilful installation by experts. This means superior resin bound surfaces can cost more than other options, but the results make this investment worthwhile.

Resin Bound systems use a combination of 2 or more grades of aggregates that are different sizes (2-5mm and 1-3mm).

This is a product that is made from completely recycled materials and has a load bearing capability up to 800 tonnes per square metre.

It can be installed internally or externally to provide a surface that is both very robust and load bearing, but also fully permeable. This means that any water that hits the surface will freely drain through the resin bound topping a to naturally dissipate in to the water table.

You can create clean lines up to any type of edging such as lawns and curb stones. You can also create sections and divide your patio or garden using different colours.

Resin bound gravel comes in any  of  colours but we can also make a blend specifically for you.

Resin bound gravel  is resistant to all weather conditions. It does not soften in summer or freeze in winter. Resin patios will not fade in sunlight and are aesthetically pleasing. A long-lasting, durable surface, resin-bound paving is a wonderful choice.

Excellent wear and weather resistance

Low maintenance finish – simply sweep periodically or light pressure wash

Fully permeable system prevents pooling and allows surface water to drain.  Ideal for a driveway because it is strong and durable, public walkways, public parks, swimming pool deck, pathways and walkways all around the private Villas.

Resin bound gravel can be laid on trong and solid asphalted road.  The system can be laid directly on top of old macadam or concrete but suitable soakaways or drainage flow must be present.

  • High load bearing capacity
  • UV stone surface finished top layer provides excellent resistance in aggressive environments
  • Long life at low maintenance costs (Cost Liability significantly reduced vs other products such as asphalt and concrete)
  • Excellent acoustic dampening properties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Choice of colours
  • Easy maintenance
  • Excellent acoustic dampening properties

When rainwater falls on a paved surface, it needs to drain away. Conventional solid surfaces are impermeable: water flows across the surface or forms pools, adding to flood risk.

As a result, rainfall does not collect into large puddles or pools, but simply runs into the ground or nearest storm drain, making it a great solution for not only driveways, but also outside entertainment spaces and swimming pool surrounds.

Gravel surfaces avoid this problem. Water flows freely through the small stones and into the ground.

Resin Bound Gravel Samples