CORTEN STEEL – develops all of the aesthetic potential of this magnificent material, creating evocative surfaces where the rusted finish reveals the inexorable passage of time. Reds, ochres and blacks fuse into a thousand intermediate shades.

CORTEN STEEL –a popular trend used in commercial and residential design, and as you know, iron must be forged while it is hot.

The effect of CORTEN STEEL  is especially popular among adherents of the industrial style, loft styles, grunge, steampunk and others. The deep and ragged texture of strong corrosion introduces a certain brutality into the interior. The smooth texture, combined with several colors of metallized paint, will add a muted «audacity» to the interior.

The CORTEN STEEL effect can be created artificially when decorative plaster is applied to the surface of walls and ceilings with a corresponding effect. It is possible to include in the interior «reanimated» old objects, which in natural environmental conditions have received the required color and texture. Modern decorative plasters with a rust effect are characterized by: weather resistance, resistance to moisture changes, vapor permeability, environmental friendliness. Each blend can be pre-toned to suit the customer’s needs. It goes well with other coatings such as: metal, stone, concrete, glass, wood.

Ideal for interiors in grunge style, loft, retro; Decorative plaster for rust can simulate the corrosion of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

CORTEN STEEL –is typically used for landscaping and outdoor construction projects, landscape architecture and artistic sculptures, lofts, public sites, restaurants, discotheques, pubs, hotels, shopping centres.

  • applied on vertical surfaces of drywall
  • masonry
  • metal
  • wood
  • plastic
  • Visual and tactile effect of Corten steel.
  • Achievement of the effect without the use of metal sheets
  • Materials in the system do not contain heavy metals
  • Warm and soft coating texture.
  • Excellent resistance to fading.
  • High chemical and chemical resistance of the coating.

Decorative plaster for your walls or ceilings will make absolutely any interior more beautiful, better and brighter, because:

  • The walls will look with a unique antiquity effect;
  • The color scheme of such plaster is very diverse;
  • The very same plaster with a rust effect, at your request, can have many more different effects — the effect of oxidized metal, copper, bronze, as well as the effects of smooth, bruised or rough metal — everything is up to you;
  • The lightness of the material will allow you to apply it anywhere — outside or inside, and on any structure.