3D flooring is a novelty in the design of flooring, which replaced out-of-fashion carpets, annoying parquet, ceramic tiles, linoleum or laminate.

3D floors are epoxy coating without seams, applied to a base made of concrete. They are able to harmoniously fit into the environment not only of the bathroom, but also of the kitchen, living room, bedroom or nursery. Any abstract drawing, ornament, maps, images of flowers, trees, landscapes, sea and marine life can be applied to the floor. Original compositions are obtained from natural materials: small shells, crystals, sand, pebbles, coins, filled with transparent plastic. The technology combines the advantages of conventional self-leveling floors with beautiful 3D effects.

The technology of using volumetric images is fundamentally different from the manufacture of conventional self-leveling floors. 3d floors are made by applying an image on the base of the floor with epoxy resin. Often, designers use ready-made self-adhesive pictures with a ready-made pattern. This makes it possible to turn each square meter into a separate picture or to form a bright, beautiful and unique overall picture from separate segments.

There is no need to worry that such a floor looks good only in large and spacious halls inherent in respectable hotel complexes or modern shopping centers. The correct distribution of colors and the appropriate choice of pattern make it possible to turn a nursery or bedroom into an example of decorative art. Such a floor looks great in the bathroom or in the kitchen, making the room elegant and giving the opportunity to widen the perception of your thoughts and aspirations.

3D floors are ideal for bath, toilet, kitchen. They do not allow moisture to pass through, do not grow moldy or deform.

The solution is excellent for private villas or apartments.

These coatings are ideal use to create bright interiors. The highlight of 3D floors is that when you look at a drawing from a certain angle, the illusion of a three-dimensional image is created. Such self-leveling floors are very reliable and aesthetic.

3D floors used to decorate the interior of a room, room or residential building, restaurant, boutique, office.

In addition, 3D drawing can be applied to the surface of the bar counter or windowsill, as well as to kitchen tables.

Any smooth surface without cracks or holes and perfectly dropped.

  • Ease of installation;
  • Solid — the floor is perfectly flat, without cracks and seams;
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High resistance to damage
  • Excellent appearance
  • Long service life (over 30 years)
  • Any choice of image
  • Resistant to combustion
  • Does not cause allergies
  • Doesn’t harm your health
  • Immunity to temperature extremes

Before choosing a floor pattern for pouring, you need to take into account all the design features of the room. otherwise, the picture may not fit into the overall interior. 3D floors are spectacular in themselves and an overabundance of decor will be simply inappropriate. Therefore, if the flooring does not play the role of the main accent, then it is better to opt for calmer tones and not colorful patterns.

Color solutions directly depend on the destination:
if these are 3d floors in the bathroom, then a drawing with fragments of sea plants or inhabitants will look great.

while in the bedroom it is better to make a light and calm covering, so as not to overload the resting place with complex motives.
and 3d self-leveling floors in the nursery let me make any child’s dream come true — from fairytale heroes to race tracks and football fields.

such coverage should be appropriate in the overall interior of the room and match the chosen style. in addition, it is worth considering that this finishing option is long-term and should not get bored after a couple of years or completely go out of fashion.

3D Flooring Samples